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Our Story

Nestled in a wooded corner overlooking a rambling creek, Turkey Creek Alpacas is located in the heart of Amish country in northern Indiana bordering Elkhart and Kosciusko Counties.

Our farm started in 2001 with no more than a log home on 4 acres. Everything needed for raising alpacas was built from the ground up - 2 barns, fencing and gates, seeding pastures, a farm shop, the works! Needless to say, it was quite an adventure.

Our alpaca "adventure" started after seeing an ad on the Discovery channel which portrayed the animals as gentle and easy to manage. We spent many hours researching the alpaca business and visited several farms.

Raising the animals as a small business was appealing to us because the end product from the animal, soft and luxurious wool referred to as "fiber", is obtained without harm.

The appeal to raise "green" livestock with the added bonus of a naturally sustainable end product was exactly what we were searching for. Not to mention the fiber is harvested with no harm to the animal.

We view the alpaca business as a two-fold opportunity - the first being the breeding and sales of animals - and the second the start of a cottage business from the fiber.

Our goal is to breed healthy animals with correct conformation - and most of all - breed with superior fiber in mind! - And we have several to choose from!

Our focus is on to create end products utilizing the unique qualities of the alpaca fiber.

Our choice to be a small farm allows us the opportunity to give individual attention to our animals that larger farms often cannot. With this approach, we can assure the best attention, nutritionally and health-wise for each animal.

We invite you to tour our farm and share our enjoyment of the alpacas and this exceptional lifestyle.



      Liz & Lee

A visit with our girls ...

Updated January 22, 2013