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Size: 10"

Alpaca Suri Bears 10"

Price: $36.00

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  • This coat type is called Suri (su-ree). Silky soft and very pettable! The suri coat type is extremely fine and soft. The fiber hangs down (as opposed to the fluffy huacaya) and can be somewhat similar to dreadlocks. They are shaggy and each has plenty of character!

Product Description

Have you ever felt an Alpaca teddy bear? They are the most irresistibly soft and cuddly of any stuffy ever. Feeling one for the first time almost always renders a person speechless for a short while and then we hear "Oh my gosh! It's the softest thing I've ever felt!"!

Durable, long-lasting, dirt resistant, with a 100% cuddle factor. Need I say more? Hand made in Peru. Colors vary. Please call or email to order bears as they are all different.